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Applying Active Listening Tools to Improve the Communication with The Teenagers

Parents will have that feeling that their teenagers are pushing them away once they start developing. It is, however, an ideal thing to understand that this is always a way that will be used by teenagers for independence. As a parent, you need to be informed that this is the right time that your teenager needs you most. The communication between a parent and a teenager is critical since it has an impact on their emotional and also behavioral health. You need to create room for the teenager to grow and ensure that they have full attention to enable them to feel heard and secure. To bridge the gap, active listening skills will play a role. Whenever you are holding a conversation, your focus will be much on what you are saying and not what the other person is communicating. This will always be difficult with the teen since they will use heightened energy, and there can be a change in their emotions. There will be triggering of feelings of anger and also frustration on parents by the teen, which will result in difficulties in parent capturing the correct message. Click these site to get more info. It is a requirement that you have to listen to the message that the other person is communicating as well as ensure that it is the correct message in active listening. A bond can be built during active listening since there will be a sense of acceptance, respect and also trust.

Statements should be avoided each time one is having a conversation. You need to ensure that your conversation starts with a question so that another question can be used to respond, and this ensures that the conversation will continue. However, if you make a mistake of beginning a conversation with a statement, then a teenage can have that feeling of being accused. View here for more info. The teenage will see as if you are confronting him, and what he will do is to be defensive.

Whenever you are conversing with a teen, it is recommended that you ensure that eye contact is maintained. Ensure that you offer the teenagers fill attention every time they are speaking even when the topic is boring. Be keen on the non-verbal communications that the teen is using since they may be signifying something. These may include hand gestures, eye rolls as well as own boy hugging, which may have a meaning. Learn more from

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